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Starting The Show

By: Zachary Sinutko aka DJ Z13 Executive Producer/Host of 808s and Mixtapes

As the fastest growing hip-hop show in the Cleveland area, we constantly get asked why?

Why did we start the show?

Why is it called 808s and Mixtapes?

Why would you move to Ohio to start a radio show?

All of these are good questions.

808s and Mixtapes officially started on Tuesday August 31st, 2021, but that wasn't the beginning. The idea for 808s and Mixtapes originated with its creator, Executive Producer, and host, Zachary Sinutko. In early 2021, Zachary Sinutko had the idea to start a radio show that gave airplay to those who did not get any. Zachary Sinutko then teamed up with Daunte Horton to think of the specifics involving the show. Yet the show that Zachary Sinutko and Daunte Horton originally envisioned would be un recognizable to how it looks today. With the first show airing on a warm Tuesday night in August of 2021, including Johnny Carroll as the resident guest at the time, things have only gotten better over time for 808s and Mixtapes. With Johnnys 10 year cut short at the show and the addition

of others in his place, 808s and Mixtapes has transformed into the record setting, award winning radio show it is today.

The name, 808s and Mixtapes, originates from Zachary Sinutko's love for underground music. "808's" are a type of sound produced in modern rap/hip-hop and "Mixtapes" comes from Zach's promise to always play the underplayed. Mainstream albums and songs have made their way onto the airwaves of 808s and Mixtapes from time to time, yet underground music is still the core of the show.

Ohio was the perfect place to start this show. With the growing scene of Cleveland rappers making waves in the industry, Zachary Sinutko saw this as the best time to move to Cleveland. Originating from Troy Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, Zachary Sinutko quickly adapted, and joined the ever changing rap community in Cleveland.

Zachary Sinutko eventually changed his name to DJ Z13. He joined up with Collin Kennedy, Emily Davala, and Swayyyfather. They set a Guinness World Record for the Worlds Longest Radio Interview at 25 hours and 32 minutes of consecutive broadcasting. Won a national radio award from the BEA. We can't forget the 77 interviews with artists such as Don King, The Temptations, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, NLE Choppa, Lil Skies, Zaytoven, DDG, Blueface, DAX, Kent Jones, Wes Walker, and so many others. Oh and did we mention that we went to Vegas as well?

These are all eventual stories for another time, and this is only in the last 10 months alone.

-DJ Z13

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