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The Summer Sit Down

By: Zachary Sinutko aka DJ Z13 Executive Producer/Host of 808s and Mixtapes

The Summer Sit Down is the creation of the first 808s and Mixtapes spin off show. The Summer Sit Down is a podcast presented by 808s and Mixtapes with a focus on interviews. The Summer Sit Down was created and is hosted by Zachary Sinutko with the help of his Co-Host Jaden Makowski. The Summer Sit Down will air in the summers on 88.7 FM in place of 808s and Mixtapes time at 10PM-Midnight on WJCU. You can listen via their unedited podcast posts on Spotify and Apple Music or wherever you get your podcasts from. The Summer Sit Down is recorded weekly from metro Detroit Michigan.

The Summer Sit Down will include long form sit down interviews from the best in the music industry. With plans to interview members of Royal House Recording, the producer of Mo Bamba, and the Owner of Former Vintage in the first 3 episodes alone, the summer sit down presented by 808s and Mixtapes is sure to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor.

Zachary Sinutko and Jaden Makowski have big plans for this revolutionary podcast. The Summer Sit Down will take 808s and Mixtapes into a new detention with the expansion of video broadcasting of the interviews live on the 808s and Mixtapes official YouTube page as well as corresponding Summer Sit Down and 808s and Mixtapes social media pages.

With Emily Davala being in London and then Canton Ohio for the majority of the summer, she will be the only original season one member of 808s and Mixtapes other than the host and executive producer, Zachary Sinutko aka DJ Z13, on the show. She will remotely handle all social media as well as sponsorships and brand deals for The Summer Sit Down with guest appearances on the show as well from time to time.

More information on The Summer Sit Down Presented By 808s and Mixtapes to come soon

-DJ Z13

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