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Changing The Name

By: Zachary Sinutko aka DJ Z13 Executive Producer/Host of 808s and Mixtapes

Before 808s and Mixtapes started in late August of 2021, Zachary Sinutko had only played 1 show in his life. This show was a charity event in March of 2019, featuring the artists he managed at the time, G-Slack, MarMarTheTrapStar, and GC Jefe. Zachary Sinutko had ambitions to be on stage again each and everyday after this event. It would be over two and a half years later when Zachary Sinutko would return to the stage to start his career as a live event/concert DJ. Zachary Sinutko went by the radio name, DJ Zach at this time. When doing live performances Zach eventually found that his full name did not fit on the concert flyers anymore. This was the moment he started to think about a change in names.

Rule one of marketing is consistency. For 20 years of his life, and his entire time in the music industry as well, Zachary Sinutko went by his full name when preforming or doing events. Changing this now would go against all of the marketing he has done for himself over the last 2 decades. This is why there was a since of hesitancy at the time when deciding the new name.

Zachary Sinutko's family would poke fun at the fact that his full government name would appear on all of his merchandise, flyers, and posts. No one in his family or friend group suggested a valid name for him to change it to until December of 2021.

B Murr of NVASION Records in Cleveland and Zachary Sinutko met following the "NVASION Take Over" of 808s and Mixtapes. Zach would eventually go on to DJ shows at and involving NVASION studios and records over the next few months. B Murr originally suggested, with the help and support of Adi Rei as well, that Zach change his name to something better. The original suggestion was to DJ Z06 in reference to the Corvette.

After considering the name change for a long time, it wasn't until Zach entered the Guinness World Book of Records that he decided it was time to change. He wanted one last monumental press run with the name Zachary Sinutko before officially changing it over. Yet DJ Z06 was not the name he went with. After 3 months of suggestions from B Murr, the name DJ Z13 came up. Z13 is in reference to the fact that Zachary Sinutko is originally from the Detroit area, and the subsequent area code 313.

This was the one, and forever will be the one. Zachary Sinutko is DJ Z13. DJ Z13 is Zachary Sinutko. DJ Z13 is the first official alter ego for Zachary Sinutko. DJ Z13 will go down in history.

- DJ Z13

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